List of Union Bank Sort Code for Kwara State Branches

Here are the sort codes for Union Bank branches in Kwara State:

Other Union Bank Sort Codes:

Sort CodeBranch Location in Kwara
032146068P.M.B. 308, Oro
032145810Omu-Aran Branch
032145658Inside Awode Market, Offa
032144099Emir’s Road, Lafiagi
032143210Ilorin Market Branch
032143184Ilorin University Branch
03214316867, Murtala Moh’d Way Ilorin
032141474Bode-Saadu Branch
03214096722, Ahmadu Pategi Rd. Bacita
032146314Market Road, Pategi

This information is sourced from reliable banking tips websites and official bank sources, ensuring you have the most accurate and up-to-date details for your financial transactions in Kwara State.

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