List of Wema Bank Sort Codes for all Branches in Nigeria

All Wema Bank branches in Nigeria have a sort code that begins with 035, which is the bank’s unique identification number. 

The subsequent numbers in the sort code represent the specific location and individual branch, ensuring that each branch can be distinctly recognized for secure and efficient banking transactions.

Though, unlike other banks, they don’t have many branches in each state but have at least one per state.

Below is a list of sort codes for various Wema Bank branches across Nigeria, as well as for the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Wema Bank Sort Codes for all branches in Nigeria

What is my Wema Bank Sort Code?

To find your Wema Bank sort code, you would typically need to know the specific branch where your account is domiciled.

Each Wema Bank branch has a unique sort code, which is a 9-digit number used for identifying the branch during electronic transfers or financial transactions.

For example, the sort code for Wema Bank’s Head Office, located in Marina, Lagos, Nigeria, is 035150103.

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