List of GTBank Sort Code for Anambra State Branches

Here are the sort codes for GTBank branches in Anambra State:

Other GTBank Sort Codes:

Sort CodeBranch Location in Anambra
0580251184, Port-Harcourt Road, Niger Bridge
058025121No 15, New Market Road
0580251344, Port Harcourt Road, Niger Bridge
0580258174, Edo Ezennewi Street, Nnewi
058027116No 96 Nnamdi Azikiwe Avenue, Akwa
0580251182 Old Cemetery Road
058025139Onitsha III – Bridge Head
058027129Nnamdi Azikiwe University Campus, Awka
058017126Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka

These sort codes are necessary for efficient banking transactions within Anambra State.

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