List of Access Bank Sort Codes for all Branches in Nigeria

The list provided below contains the sort codes for Zenith Bank branches across all 36 states in Nigeria, as well as for the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Access Bank Sort Codes for all branches in Nigeria

What is my Access Bank Sort Code?

Access Bank sort code in Nigeria typically starts with 044, followed by other digits that specify the particular branch.

Here’s a general structure of the sort codes for Access Bank branches:

  • The first three digits (044) represent Access Bank.
  • The fourth digit indicates the state where the branch is located.
  • The last five digits uniquely identify the branch within the state.

For example, the sort code for the Access Bank branch on Burma Road is 044150013, where:

  • 044 is for Access Bank
  • 1 may represent the state code
  • 50013 is the unique code for the Burma Road branch

Most often, sort codes are used when sending or receiving money from locations outside of Nigeria, although there are some exceptions to this usage.

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