List of UBA Sort Code for Niger State Branches

Below are the sort codes for the branches of UBA in Niger State including the ones in Minna, Suleja, and Kontagora:

Other UBA Bank Sort Codes:

Sort CodeBranch Location in Niger
033161741P.O.Box 3 Agaje
033161440 Kanolagos Rd, Kontagora
033160797 1 Suleiman Barau Rd, Suleja
033160535 Ahmadu Bello Rd, Mokwa
033160506 Central Parade Rd, New Bussa
033160755 67 Bida Rd, Kutigi
033163189 Mtd 8 Paiko Road Minna
033160810 Bidazungeru Rd, Wushishi
033160991Paiko Rd, Minna

Please note that these sort codes are specific to United Bank for Africa (UBA) branches within Niger State as of the latest available information.

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